individual development

We challenge you to move away from the default of examining your weaknesses and consider your strengths. How can they help you stand out and be successful in your role? What do you need to do to develop them further?

In most cases, we kick off a coaching programme with a three way meeting with your manager, your coach and yourself. This is an opportunity to agree the areas of focus for your coaching cycle and to discuss confidentiality.

Some of our clients like to get feedback from their manager, their peers and their team members – we can help with this by administering relevant leadership feedback (360) tools evaluating your leadership style or your emotional intelligence.

Most of our clients are either already in, or moving into, leadership roles and  looking to build their capacity to inspire, motivate and engage their workforce. Coaching is one approach that can help them to understand how best to make this transition and succeed as leaders.

We offer:

  • Leadership coaching
  • Individual contributor to leader transition
  • Strengths based assessment and development
  • Emotional intelligence assessment
  • Female Leaders Programme
  • Unconcious bias workshops


 Helping get the best out of your SUPERCLEVERPEOPLE through our individual tailored coaching programmes

“Stephanie was probably one of the best moderators I’ve ever witnessed and I’m in training development. She was engaging, fair, upbeat, informative, humble and warm. You wanted to go have coffee with her! I think she was an excellent person to lead this type of session. Bravo!” Female Leaders Programme participant, 2013

“The coaching sessions I had with Stephanie far exceeded my expectations. I’ve been involved in group coaching courses in the past, but the six sessions with Steph were insightful and productive. Steph is extremely easy to talk to and is very good at helping you reach your own insights on your behavior and how to coach your staff, your supervisor and, most importantly, yourself.” QA Director, New York