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Unleashing women’s superpowers in Berlin

We’ve just returned from a few energising days at the Women’s International Networking (WIN) conference with 750 women leaders and a handful of rather startled looking men.


The theme this year was “A magnificent leap of change” and the conference set out to explore how women could “run business with purpose, do work that really matters, evolve our leadership and be authentic as we take part in a bigger game.”


This conference was all about equipping women to take their rightful places in world. There was a smorgasboard of interesting and relevant workshops on everything from positive influencing skills through to how to become a Non-Executive Director.


We ran a lively session for 95 female leaders on power bases and how to leverage them in the workplace. We’ve found that women tend to rely on being very competent (expert power) or their position in the hierarchy (position power) to deliver results. We showed how there are many, many other types of power that can be utilised and added to our armoury. We shared tips and techniques for unleashing these powers, and everyone made a plan for what they were going to go away and do differently.


Over the three days, we met many really impressive women from self-employed consultants to directors in some of the largest organisations in the world. We left with the impression that whilst we’ve still got a way to go, the women in the room were all pushing in the right direction. Maybe not a “magnificent leap” but certainly “large strides”….




The Geek People run a development programme for Female Leaders. The next public course will take place in London on February 3rd & 4th, 2015. Find out more here